Avis Budget Group

Avis Budget asked me to document a two day European conference at the Hilton, Heathrow. The conference included lectures, awards and team building exercises. The photographs were used both internally and externally for recruitment and marketing purposes.

The images represent the organisation's 'family' culture, and the values that aimed at fostering satisfied and productive members. The event was very much aimed at 'team development' and celebrating success stories and milestones.

Avis CEO giving a presentation with fist clenched in an inspiring expression. There is a space rocket in the background on the presentation screen.
Avis Budget presenter speaking in the projector light
Pace and Direction Award presented by The Director of Customer Operations
Problem solving activity which involves making a 3D puzzle with other group members. Group discuss the completed puzzle. Shot taken from ground level looking up at very proud members.
Problem solving activity which involves making a 3D puzzle with other group members. Photo of a member looking puzzled and funny.
Small group presentations with member using a flip chart
Problem solving exercise that involves solving a 3D puzzle. Group crouch down and discuss the problem.
Evening dinner with group with of Spanish members congratulating an individual for his success and hard work.
Evening dinner with table toasting. Smiling female of the group is in focus behind raised glasses
Group fist bumping and celebrating their winning success as a group
Large number of people on dance floor really going enjoying the music and the work friends around them. The central figures is caught in funny pose doing some sort of robotic dance step. The photograph is taken using a strong flash that removes all ambient lighting a freezes the moment very well.
End of event group shot of all members in a large hall. Taken with a wide angle lens to get everyone in the photograph.
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