Burger Singh

This burger chain with 28 outlets spread across North India, from Delhi to Jaipur, competes against the likes of McDonald's and Burger King (from whom the name is derived). Corks & Kegs purchased the first UK franchise of the Indian spiced burger company, and introduced the brand to the London fusion foods scene in 2017, where it was well received.

Red Box were asked to conduct a design audit on the brand with a view to revising the print and digital marketing collateral. The research findings were presented in a 30 page document, which then informed the creative and design process.

Research document, with cover and two double page spreads
Research document. Cover and one double page spread


It is important that Burger Singh UK doesn't move too far away from the 'American diner' parentage of Burger Singh, India. The changes to the logo have been made primarily for practical reasons, to make the logo clearer and more impactful but remaining true to the core identity. After the considered changes were made the logo became far more legible and usable. The changes allowed more scope for identity development, both now and into the future.
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Print Design / Photography

In the short to medium term, Burger Singh UK will primarily operate in the capital, as a street food, being sold at events, through Deliveroo, and at the three pubs that Corks & Kegs owns and operates.

What makes Burger Singh UK unique is that each of their burgers is a taste of a particular region of India. There are eight burger options on the menu and each one uses herbs, spices and flavours from a specific region. In reference to this, we presented each burger type with its own colour schemes and value statements, making each an individual experience. The value propositions that have been created reference spirituality and inner well being, with words like 'ecstasy', 'bliss', 'haven' etc, being used. This references India's reputation as a place of divinity and spirituality.

Product photography was taken, with the photographs being set in designs that are a mix of street art, American diner aesthetics, and India's symbolic use of colour. Red Box has now positioned Burger Singh correctly in respect of the organisational goals, UK target audience and the intended outlets, as well as in respect of the parent brand. Burger Singh UK can now market the brand and/or each burger type in a dynamic and eye-catching way.

Wrapped Burger with brown paper and adapted logo that the individual burger name on it.
Burger Singh Coasters
Each burger has it's own business card with loyalty scheme integrated.
Burger Singh take-away bags with tiger illustration and logo. Heading Desi Divine, It's all mine.
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