I've had the pleasure of working with organisations from a wide variety sectors and sizes. After holding an Art Director position for a London agency for a number of years, in 2008 I set up Red Box Studio. Positioning the service as a pragmatic, no nonsense approach to creative design and communication. Red Box has attracted clients like L'Oreal, Unilever, Re/Max, and of course our good friends at Young's, as well as number of smaller businesses and startups.

One such startup was DesignMyNight.com, UK's first nightlife comparison website, which now operates in 20 cities with millions of users. As a creative, my interest remains in business development and growth, through visual communication and user experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is Red Box?

Red Box is a design and photography service made up of myself and 3 full-time developers, as well as a reliable network of freelancers that are contacted as and when needed. If a client needs a permanent member of staff assigned to them, then that will certainly happen. For a period of time we employed a full-time designer for our friends at L'Oreal, and currently Young's has a developer assigned to them to maintain and manage the estates websites that we service. All client projects are managed by myself, and this ensures the best possible outcome for our clients. We limit the number of projects we undertake at any one time in order to provide the best possible service. This approach has proven to work very well, and keeps us flexible and cost effective.

What is the typical workflow of a project?

Once an enquiry is made, a meeting is arranged to discuss the full requirements, budgets and timescales. Shortly thereafter, a Brief & Scope document is created and shared for approval, before the creative work begins. The project then moves on to the necessary design research, that then informs the design process. Initial ideas are then created and presented to the client for discussion. Any revisions and amendments are made, before the work is presented again. This process is repeated until all parties are fully satisfied with the proposal. The work is then put into full production for delivery by the agreed deadline date.

In regards to photography, on approval of the Brief & Scope document, an agreed date for the shoot is arranged. With a good range of photography equipment available (including cameras with superb low light capabilities, premium lenses, artificial lighting equipment, backdrops, etc.) most situations and requirements will not pose any technical difficulties. After the shoot, post-production work is undertaken on all images, which will include colour correction and grading, exposure adjustments as well as any Photoshop work that might be needed. The images will then be delivered using an online lightbox where full-resolution images can be viewed and downloaded.

What if I don't like the proposed designs?

Simple - we redo it.
This is extremely rare, because from the outset we make sure that we have all the information we need to head in the right direction, to arrive at the right place, and at the right time.

How much does it cost?

It is very difficult to provide a definitive cost metric in business led design and communication, simply because project requirements can vary so much. However, we are a small setup with minimal overheads and can therefor operate at a very competitive rate. The aim has always been to make business led creative communication accessible to small and medium size businesses.

Our approach applies across all our services:

Identity and Logo Design
Animation and 3D
Print Design
Website User Interface & User Experience Design
Photography and Post Production
Website Development (both front and backend) 

Website hosting is also provided. This service is absolutely second to none and is feature rich. The cost of hosting will depend on the requirements, but our prices are again, highly competitive. Please contact me for more information.

Who has the final ownership rights of the work?

You do. On completion, all files are handed to you on request and we don't attempt to retain any rights on the work. Although, we do like to use what we have created for you as part of our portfolio... if we're allowed.

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